PrimeCrafter a posted Tue at 8:10

Just a quick note to let our players know that the server will be down for various updates today.  Veritas will be back up and running by no later than 3:00pm CST.

Thanks Veritas players!


Amedea Well that answered my question xD


Gungren a posted Oct 27, 15

!!ATTENTION!! I have noticed the problems going on in the server, I am currently in the works of asking derek to give me a go ahead for my plans to help resolve all of the problems and keep them from happening ever again.


On midnight of the 24th, I am proud to announce the Halloween Mansion of Veritas has been completed, and is opened for all to see, if one dares!

Additionally, we are hosting two parties at this location over two days, the 24th, and 25th! In other words, today, and tommorow. The events shall be livestreamed on Twitch, and a special guest might arrive as well! Their exact times shall be anounced in the morning.

Be sure to bring your scariest skins! Thanks for reading, and happy Halloween!

DeadPerson Woah That looks awsome!! cant wait to see! ...

October Elections

Gungren a posted Oct 7, 15

Sorry for the late post, but here are the October Election's nominees:

For Vip: Sizzlinloaf and Crazyline

For Vip Gold: Emmat518 and Hubbabubba

For Vip Platinum: Deadperson and Tatuson

And in a returning category, but this time with no reward, for most helpful staff member: Amedea, Avxry, Lecodfishjoe, and Steodahmonkey. 

Good luck to all the nominees!


SteoDaMonkeh Congrats to all the nominees! ...
Chesterlots a No, you cannot vote for me and Kyle. We are devs for Veritas, not staff. ...

Server updates..

Chesterlots a posted Sep 10, 15

Hey everyone!

Just an update on what has and currently is going on with the server. The first thing you might have noticed is that the Treasure Hunting plugin is back! Additionally, the previous filter has been replaced with a new, more configurable filter. There might be some issues with it currently, and words still need to be added to it. But in time, it will work much better than the previous filter we used thanks to it being more flexible. Please report any issues with it to the Staff on Veritas, or use the Contact Us page! Lastly, the difficulty of the server has been increased to Normal, so you should find mobs a bit more challenging!

I understand if you don't think this is a lot. But I can promise that things are going to get pretty interesting as we progress through the month! Currently, you probably noticed a lot of changes happening to spawn. Spawn is the current main focus, and it is going to look much prettier real soon, and it shall greatly help reduce any server side lag we may still be experiencing!

Thanks for reading!


Since we are going to work on things, go ahead and use the forums and Contact Us page to share any ideas you have!

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