Gungren a posted Fri at 11:03

Hey guys, sorry my inactivity lately, but I am gonna plan on being more active again. I have finished the player shops for you guys! Go ahead and head there with /warp Playershops and bring 250$ with you! To buy a shop pay a Co-Owner or the Owner 250$ and tell them which shop you want. NOTE: Once you buy a shop on the top level, you get the shop below it as well! Also we may introduce a rent sometime soon, also don't forget to read the shop rules there! Have fun guys!

MonkeyLordSDO a
MonkeyLordSDO @ Veritas - A Minecr...
Glad to see them open! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, gun!

Election Winners

Gungren a posted Jul 18, 15

Hello! I counted the votes today, and by a very, very close vote here are the winners:

For Vip: Hubbabubbba!

For Vip Gold: MisterIosa (ZonalYewHD)!

Congratulations to the winners!

MonkeyLordSDO a
MonkeyLordSDO @ Veritas - A Minecr...
Congrats to all!
MisterIosa Holy crap! Didn't expect to win the first elections of the new Veritas. Thanks so much guys, sorry I haven't been on lat ...

Hey Veritas!

PrimeCrafter a posted Jul 2, 15

I just wanted to drop a quick line here letting everyone know that I am so appreciative of the community you all are forming!  Preiodically, I check to make sure things are running smoothly and it looks like for the most part things are!  My schedule has been pretty busy, and I have been involved in lots of different projects.  This is good!  However, I am looking forward to a little down time so that I can get back to server updates and just enjoying the communiity you guys are creating.  Hopefully before, but definitely by the 12th (elections begin) I will be availbable to hang out with you all. 

Staff - please start compiling a list of nominations for election so that we are ready to roll on the 12th!

Thank you again to everyone who considers Veritas their Minecraft home!


kpaulina12 Oh my! it's 2 am where I am and I am freaking out because I just found out right now that veritas had reopened! I'm am s ...
Chesterlots a Excited for your return! There are a lot of moments to be had in Veritas, this is an awesome community. Previously, the ...


Gungren a posted Jun 11, 15

The rules have been updated! Please reread and sign if you have not already! Click here.

Chesterlots a NOTE: I did a few fixes to the grammar, in case you are wondering why I edited it today.

Ranks and upcoming plugins

Gungren a posted Jun 5, 15

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news, when Derek is back from his mission trip, the elections will begin again on July 12th! Also we will decide who our new Head Admin is by then. And next weak the Jobs plugin and Treasure Hunting plugin will be back!

I get asked a lot of how people can be a good player or how staff can get such a rank as Head Admin. I shall give some advice from personal expierence for both of these.

For players earning ranks, just follow the rules, be kind, be a good member of the community, help other players out, just be a good dude and treat others how you would like yourself to be treated!

For staff getting the Head Admin rank, just continue doing your job. Shows us and the players are capable of, and do not fake your skills. Don't over stretch your skill set. Show us that your skill set, behaviour, attitude, and more is a shining example for all the staff. Also, I learned a good quality to always have was to not want the rank or care what the rank is or has. I did what I wanted to do for the server always, I wasn't growing to the rank, I was trying on the ranks till we found the perfect fit for me, Co-Owner. 

Excited to see how this all goes!

- Gungren

Chesterlots a Forgot all about the treasure hunting plugin! ...
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