Year End Election Results!

Gungren a posted Jan 2, 16

Hello everyone, so I counted the votes this morning. We had a lot of voters but here is my issue. A lot of it was voting for people who weren't nominated at all or for what they voted for them in. That was not counted, it does not work that way. Just telling you new guys so you know. Then only two people voted in every single category that was active this election. If you are going to vote, PLEASE vote for every single active category. This resulted in more than 12 voters only giving six votes in Head Admin. As well as there not being a second place, so I have to discuss that with Derek. One last time, PLEASE vote properly for who is nominated in their proper categories. Then also PLEASE vote for every single category or at least the very important ones. 

For VIP: Jewelseed!

Yes or No for Mod: Yes to Haley!

Head Admin: Lecodfishjoe!

admin: Amedea!

Aside from my issues and reminders for voting, congratulations to the winners! I hope you enjoy your new permissions Jewel. Lecodfishjoe, you have impressed me thoroughly lately, I am glad to see you become Head Admin. Just remember, if you need help or have a question, I and all the staff team are here to help if you need it. Haley, same to you, if you need help or have a question I and all the staff are here. Congratulations on entering the staff team! I hope you all use your ranks well! 

UPDATE: Derek and I have decided Amedea get's the second places spot! Congratulations!

- Gun

La Fabulous Rainbow GG everyone! Congrats to Haley and Jewel!
Avxry Gg all
Amedea GG Le! Twas a good fight

Hello everyone, as of December 26th one of our staff members informed the team he was leaving the server. Steodamonkeh has decided on his own to leave the server due to several things. Most of these are not known because he does not wish to share. However, he said his main reason is because he's lost interest in minecraft and no longer enjoys being a staff member.  Steo has been with us for quite some time, and has given some good times, so it is sad to see him leave, although I am sure we all wish him the best. He said he will be on enjin from time to still though, and popping in on Veritas every now and then possibly. Thank you for your time and dedication you have spent on Veritas, steo. May all be all well for whatever the future holds for you, we hope to see you now and then.

DeadPerson Hope to text you soon steo :( syonara
Avxry Goodbye steo, I wish you luck with your future endeavours

Change of Rules.

Chesterlots a posted Dec 15, 15

We have added an additional rule due to the release of a particular movie. It is at the top for ease of reading. See here.

Amedea Bwa Ha HA!
SteoDaMonkeh I like that XD
Amedea 10/10

Year-End Elections!

PrimeCrafter a posted Dec 15, 15

Hey Veritas players!

While elections have always played a major role in the world of Veritas, we want to draw special attention to our special year-end elections that began this week!

Most elections reward our most valuable players, and while that is part of this election as well, we will also be rewarding our staff with new positions and responsabilities!  We will be asking YOU to give a shout out to your favorite staff members by voting for them for either Admin or Head-Admin!

the 2015 Year End Elections are as follows:

For VIP:

Wolfie  -  Cycroze  -  Jewelseed

For Head Admin and Admin: (most votes elect Head Admin, second place becomes Admin)

Amedea  - Lecodfishjoe  -  Steodamonkeh  -  Avxry

Remember, vote for those who have shown leadership and responsability! 

And as a special addition to our elections, Staff members have nominated HaleySigl for Mod!  Haley was instrumental in bringing Veritas back from the ashes!

Players are to make a Yes or No vote to confirm Haley's new position!


As always, thank you to our faithful players!  You guys help make Veritas more than a minecraft server, it is a community where people from all over the world can come and feel like they belong!

- Derek

haleysigl im really sorry i just got back from half a week of a fiels trip ohmygosh thank you ahhhh

New Stuff...

PrimeCrafter a posted Dec 8, 15

Hey everyone!  As promised, I have made some updates this week. As of now:

1. The creative world spawn is complete, but testing of the world is needed before we open it to the public.

2. Creative Mode is restored for our Platinum players!

These updates may come with bugs, so please be patient with us as we finalize some of these changes!

More is coming! 

Thanks faithful Veritas players!!


Amedea YAEY
La Fabulous Rainbow CREATIVE WORLD HYPE!
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