Hey everyone!
I want to really apologize again for the craziness this week.  I have been talking with tech support for the server host and they cannot figure out why our plugins were deleted. 

The good thing is, they have doubled our server space in order to compensate us.  I have already noticed that this increase in space seems to be making many of the weird glitches we were experiencing go away. 

I hope your claims are being restored, and things are getting back to normal for you.

An exciting announcement will be coming right after the elections about new features that the server is going to have!  Stay tuned!!

PrimeCrafter a You two have some GREAT ideas for the server! I love them! Whenever I get time when work slows down, we all need to ch ...
Gungren Awesome! Can't wait! P.S any players that need help still, contact the staff please. ...
Chesterlots Sounds good!


HAT_TRICK11 a posted Apr 7, 14
Players and Staff of Veritas, we recently tried to update the plugins to make your in-game experience as good as possible, and all of them were somehow removed. This is nothing to freak out about, but there may be a few minor issues once the server is put back up, such as sethomes may be gone and ranks may be gone, but these can be resolved easily by simply either messaging me or Derek on here or asking a staff member. Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for any inconvenience.
Chesterlots Also, the Nominations is unaffected by this issue. You can check the forum thread for other information.
Chesterlots All plugin related progress in the past two months have been erased, anything you did before at the most is probably jus ...
Gungren And if your wondering, the server is actually up and running. Even though its says it's offline.
Hey everyone, I wanted to apologize for how long it has taken to get the lava issue on skyblock repaired.  It is working now, and you should be able to place lava in the skyblock world without any issues.

I am now starting on restoring the Hunger Games arenas and restarting TF2.

Speaking of TF2; I have heard many of you talking about how much you miss the old spawn.  So, as a tribute to the old Veritas spawn area, I am making it into a large TF2 map!  I hope you will enjoy this.

Also, if there are any other features from the old world you would like to see reused in some way in the new world, let me know!

- Derek

jonz7 Derek, you are a genius. That is the best idea for a tf2 arena! I really cant wait until we can all play some tf2 and th ...
Fireblazer5 What is T F 2
Gungren It works ...
Another election is behind us!  The players of Veritas have made their voices heard and here is who they elected:

For VIP:

For VIPGold:


For VIPlatinum:

Also, both Moderators Gungren, and Chesterlots are confirmed to permanent positions!

As always, I want to thank all of our players that were nominated.  The reason you were nominated is because you have shown loyalty to Veritas and you have treated your fellow players with the respect everyone deserves.

Next Election:  April 7, 2014

Thanks everyone!

Just to make sure it's clear, votes in the March election will be counted on Saturday, March 8.  There is a sign in the doorway of the vote center with this date on it. 

I am switching election days to Saturdays because we had too many players who were unable to be on the server for the results.  This way, most players are out of school, and will be able to attend!  Also, this gives everyone 1 extra day to vote! 

Good luck!

upsidedownrain The suspenseā€¦IT KILLS
jonz7 Hey Derek, could you plesse come on the server and anouunce the winners to the votes?
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