Forums have been updated.

Chesterlots StaffP posted Jul 13, 16

Hello everyone!

Just a small update, the forum icons have been replaced with shiny new white ones for more clarity, a new forum category has been added for later use, and a few other minor changes.

We are currently working on the simple things such as spawn landscape, rules, staff guidelines, alongside fixing any bugs or issues. If you have any feedback to provide, please go to our Contact Us page!

An Unforseen Delay

PrimeCrafter OStaff posted Jul 12, 16

Hey Everyone!

EDIT:  Actually connections should work now!

Sorry for the delay in getting the server back up and running.  It just so happens that at the same time we decided to make major server updates, Mojang's authentication servers decided to go down!  Though Mojang has corrected the issue, some nodes are still experiencing problems.  We are now undergoing a transfer to a new IP so that we stop having these issues.  I am happy to report that we have our new IP now, but it could take 24 hours before it becomes reachable by your computer.  So I will ask our faithful players to hang in there for just a little while longer!  I will update you as soon as I know more!


Lt_S and the knew IP is........ *Drum roll*.......................*More intense drum roll*............................

Small server downtime

Chesterlots StaffP posted Jul 11, 16

Hey everyone,

The server is currently undergoing a node transition to fix the issues we have been having lately. This should take roughly an hour or more. We shall update this post once it is back up!

EDIT: Looks like we might be going through the night with this, we're unsure why it is so problematic for MCProHosting's support to handle when they gave only an hour estimate. We shall update you on any further details that come up!

Lt_S Thats okay ^-^ all servers go through this. :3

The server is online for all!

Chesterlots StaffP posted Jul 10, 16

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce the server is now open! Keep in mind, spawn is a work in progress, and the permissions are still being checked for bugs. If you run into any issues or anything that may seem off, please contact us on it. Contact staff as well on getting your builds pasted over if you had any saved from the old world.

The rules are especially a work in progress, but please mainly follow these...

  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • Be respectful and kind to others
  • Use common sense

Follow these three golden rules, and you should be fine and cause no trouble. The elections will also not start till we are happy enough with the server that we can start advertising.

We shall be constantly expanding our roster of features for Veritas, this is only the beggining.

And, about that change to the staff, we have completely reworked the ranks. There are no longer co-owners, and we now have two seperate teams of staff; the Creative team, and the Community team.

The Community team's job is to focus on the community. They accomopolish this by moderating, inspecting, and helping the community of Veritas. If they have spare time, they also help the Creative team with projects they are working on. They consist of Caretakers, Inspectors, and the Warden.

The Creative team's job is to focus on creative projects, like making maps, working on spawn, organizing events, and expanding the features of Veritas. They can help and support the community, but they have no moderation duties whatsoever. They consist of Builders, the Hostess, and the Producer.

We have a few other little surprises that await on the server too. The Creative World should also be up either sometime today or tommorow. Keep an eye out for that!


MCProHosting is experiencing issues with our node (server). Random disconnects are currently happening. A lot. Downtime lasts from a few minutes to maybe an hour. The actual server is up, but currently, MCProHosting is being unreliable.

Peaceler B xD
Peaceler B Fantastic timing, the Mojan authentication servers are down .-.
DragonLover43 Thanks for the warning, Chester. I'll keep trying to get on.

New website theme is live!

Chesterlots StaffP posted Jul 9, 16

Hey everyone,

Our new website theme is live! Please provide any feedback you have on the new look. It is still going through changes, but it is in a well enough position to go live for feedback. New forum icons shall also be added later on. As for the server, MCProHosting is being unstable, which is causing a lot of hitches in progress. We will update you on if it shall be causing any delays.

DragonLover43 It looks great, Chester!
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