Sorry guys

Dyan9Liivess a posted Jul 15, 14
Hey guys, 

Sorry for my inactivity i am away at the moment traveling some countrys and doing some football stuff i will be back on tuesday the 24th but as i will still have some training when im back i wont be back on veritas untill the 25th for good. 

Check my accounts profile for some pictures and updates. 

Much love.

kpaulina12 Have fun!
Dyan9Liivess a I have been here for a few days now guys, 2 teams are interested in me and are giving me time to complete my last year i ...
tinymoxecan123 See you later man! Have fun with it!

In Game Shop

PrimeCrafter a posted Jul 11, 14
Citizens of Veritas, you can now access the Veritas Donation Shop from inside the game.  If you type /buy in the chat, you will be taken to the ne Graphical Interface that will allow you to browse the store.

If you decide to make a donation, you will simply click on the link that is displayed!
Thank you to all of our Veritas Donators!  Without you, there would be no Veritas!

kpaulina12 Guys I'd be careful of Witherman123. He was pretending to be staff...
cuppy63 @ Veritas - A Minecraft Se...
What are points
SDO92020 This is awesome, Derek!

New World Map

PrimeCrafter a posted Jun 30, 14
Hello Veritas Citizens!

I wanted tot talk to you today about the possibility of resetting our current map after the 1.8 update for Minecraft releases. 

Staff have discussed the issue, and most are in favor of the reset.  Now it is time to hear from our players about the idea.  It has been suggested that if we use the same map "seed" the map will look very similar to the one we have now.  Your builds could be copied to the new world in the same place.

The advantage of a reset, is that you will have access to the new features that 1.8 has to offer.  However, this will be lots of work for everyone, and may be more than you want to deal with.

Let us know what you think by commenting below!


Gungren o By the way, I am willing to do all of the copying and pasting if that's what it comes to! If a player wants his build sa ...
jonz7 I really am not in favor of resetting the map. I love the current spawn and my houses. I think it would be a pain in th ...
PrimeCrafter a It seems like there are many of you who advocate starting from scratch and I am fine with that. Just as many of you hav ...
After almost 4 hours of play, the top spot in the Veritas UHC Competition went to the Green Team, ThatGuyNamedKyle and HAT_TRICK11!  The win came after a fight to the death between the last two survivors, ThatGuyNamedKyle and BMXR01. 

Thank you to all the players who participated in the first Veritas UHC!


Gungren o How dareth no one else speaketh about this awesome event! ...
Chesterlots o Not enough comments, I shall comment too. ...
Gungren o Woo! Although, I will say this: REMATCH! ...

UHC ip

HAT_TRICK11 a posted Jun 22, 14

1:00 PM Easern
12:00 PM Central
11:00 AM Mountain
10:00 AM Pacific

Chesterlots o Due to school, me and Gungren aren't going to make it.
SDO92020 Amedea, you can make it right?
Amedea The UHC is gonna be on his own server, the numbers are the IP for that server
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