New details!

Gungren a posted Wed at 16:08

Hello everyone! I'm glad to anounce that I will be coming back to Veritas, as Co-Owner! I look forward to working on Veritas once more! I'm currenly fixing up the website, if you noticed the forums being empty.

Also, we're thinking Veritas will return June 1st!

- Gungren

Veritas will be back...

PrimeCrafter a posted Tue at 13:52

As you can see, the website is back up and running.  This is because Veritas is making its comeback very soon!  I hope to see many of our old players as well as some new faces in the coming months.  For anyone still wanting to be a part of this community, we are excited to have you back!

- Derek

Avxry 5 day late whooooo
SDO92020 Yeeeeha ...
Amedea HUZZAH ...
After almost 4 hours of play, the top spot in the Veritas UHC Competition went to the Green Team, ThatGuyNamedKyle and HAT_TRICK11!  The win came after a fight to the death between the last two survivors, ThatGuyNamedKyle and BMXR01. 

Thank you to all the players who participated in the first Veritas UHC!


Chesterlots a Not enough comments, I shall comment too. ...
Gungren a Woo! Although, I will say this: REMATCH! ...


PrimeCrafter a posted Jun 11, 14
jonz7 wait this is today?
HAT_TRICK11 Derek that is epic
Chesterlots a That is one big picture.. ...

Craft Some Mayhem!

PrimeCrafter a posted May 29, 14
Guns are here!
Click the link to see how to create your own brand of destruction!

ALSO:  Weapons now need ammo!  See the forum post for what kind your gun uses.

Chesterlots a Careful with enderman though, they still can teleport away from ranged abilities, but you can damage them with explosive ...
Gungren a Woo! Players are loving this and creepers are hating it! ...
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