Going to be a little longer

Gungren aStaff posted Sat at 15:11

So we're gonna have to keep the server white listed a little longer, not sure how long though. But the main reason is that roads are taking us a bit of time. Even with world edit it can take a while to place the roads. Plugins also aren't quite done yet, although we're excited to soon hopefully launch the new Veritas. We've decided to do a little more than a new spawn and cleaning up our permissions and plugins, I will not say what exactly; but there's something thats changed a bit. Please be patient with us, we hope you will enjoy veritas again soon!

- Gun

Peaceler Looking forward to it! Can't wait to get back into Veritas! Sorry i haven't been on like at all. But i do have...
DragonLover43 Take as much time as you need, guys. Don't want a shoddily done server. Perfection isn't achieved overnight.

Hello everyone, so we've white listed the server so only staff can get on. This is due to the fact we are updating and redoing our plugins. As you can imagine, that can get dangerous with players to lose permission restraints and so forth. We hope to only be down 4-5 days, however sometimes things dont always go to plan. If we have to stay white-listed for longer we will let you all know with another post. I might be releasing teaser images of the process here and there on the website. So if you'd like to see that, be sure to check in often! Hope you will all enjoy 1.10 Veritas once it's complete!

- Gun

DragonLover43 I'm most excited about the fact that I fixed my MC issues! I was unable to play MC because of a *Explicitive* &...

1.10 is coming!

Gungren aStaff posted Jun 10, 16

Hello everyone, so I have some big news to anounce. Veritas is officially executing a plan to update to 1.10. We will be white listing the server for staff only on the 14th of June. We will hopefully be down only 4-5 days. This update will mean a new world, new spawn, and the start of soon advertising for new players. 

So here is what we need from all our players:

We need you to choose ONE build of yours and give a staff member the cordinates to it. We will then go and save that build for the new world. We would allow more than one, but that gets way too overwhelming. Please spread the word to any fellow players you know! You have until the 14th of June!

- Gun

Tatuson But I get to build a new home so I'm ok with it
Tatuson Well this is bad I have been gone for the past 4 days
DragonLover43 1.10?! What a leap! This is great news, Gun, thanks for sharing!

May's elections/elections

Gungren aStaff posted May 7, 16

Hello everyone,

So I just wanted to say real quick that May's election is canceled. It is planned to be back June, we had to cancel it because we simply could not think of enough nominees. Nor did we particulary know who deserved it most, although we are confident you are all well behaved and awesome players. I personally want to thank the active players and the ones who have made sure we know they are here. I will be done with my coursework by the 15th, so I will be active again shortly. Hope to see you all soon this summer!

- Gun

Sorry for the quiet!

Gungren aStaff posted Apr 7, 16
Hey everyone, I just wanted to share real quick why the server has seemed so quiet. I, for one, have been VERY busy with my school. I want to do good, and I'm doing so. Also many of the staff are also busy with school, family reasons, and even jobs. I know the server can grow very boring in times like this, but please hang on with us! We want to make Veritas an active and fun community again, we are working on plans to do so when we can! Our current plan is to prepare soon to update to 1.9. We feel this will resolve a lot of technical bugs with our plugins, and with this we will roll out a brand new spawn. Also do not worry, we will contact you all about saving one of your builds into 1.9. Once that is all done, we plan on running adds again and bringing back minigames. Again, sorry for being so quiet, please be patient with us. Please comment any questions you have, also we'd be glad to know if you're still here with us waiting!

- Gun

DragonLover43 Hey I was wondering when nominations for rank-ups are started. I've been told by a few people that I'd be good...
Tatuson I will wait for you guys I have once before and I still will
DragonLover43 Hey don't worry about anything. Just take care of your life, and rejoin Veritas when you can, okay?
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