The Creative World is up!

Chesterlots StaffP posted Aug 4, 16

Hey Everyone,

The Creative World is up and running! You can use /warp Creative_World to access it. A portal will be added later too. Expect bugs, please report them to us via our Contact Us page. You may or may not be sharing your claim block counts with the survival world, if that is confirmed to be the case, I shall increase the claim block earning rate.

Have fun guys!

DragonLover43 Yes! I've been waiting for this.

Sorry for the silence!

Gungren WStaff posted Aug 2, 16

I don't know if you've all noticed, but the server staff wise has gone quiet. This is due to the fact I and chester have been expierencing severe internet issues. Since we were out, none of the staff could have orders on what to do. However, since we have now resolved our internet issues. I am going to contact the staff on slack now and discuss on what we need to do. Right now I need all of our players to do something, use this LINK and select suggestions or bug report. I know neither of these might be the most fitting, but we need you all to provide feedback! Whether that be plugins that annoy you or cause issues, bugs, questions, or just suggestions. We want to be a pleasant expierence for everyone, so please help us out with this! Every bit of info we get we will look at, and every bit will help! Pass this on to all players of this server you know, thanks!


- Gun

SteoDaMonkeh B it says that I've already submitted a form XD

Forums have been updated.

Chesterlots StaffP posted Jul 13, 16

Hello everyone!

Just a small update, the forum icons have been replaced with shiny new white ones for more clarity, a new forum category has been added for later use, and a few other minor changes.

We are currently working on the simple things such as spawn landscape, rules, staff guidelines, alongside fixing any bugs or issues. If you have any feedback to provide, please go to our Contact Us page!

An Unforseen Delay

PrimeCrafter OStaff posted Jul 12, 16

Hey Everyone!

EDIT:  Actually connections should work now!

Sorry for the delay in getting the server back up and running.  It just so happens that at the same time we decided to make major server updates, Mojang's authentication servers decided to go down!  Though Mojang has corrected the issue, some nodes are still experiencing problems.  We are now undergoing a transfer to a new IP so that we stop having these issues.  I am happy to report that we have our new IP now, but it could take 24 hours before it becomes reachable by your computer.  So I will ask our faithful players to hang in there for just a little while longer!  I will update you as soon as I know more!


Lt_S and the knew IP is........ *Drum roll*.......................*More intense drum roll*............................

Small server downtime

Chesterlots StaffP posted Jul 11, 16

Hey everyone,

The server is currently undergoing a node transition to fix the issues we have been having lately. This should take roughly an hour or more. We shall update this post once it is back up!

EDIT: Looks like we might be going through the night with this, we're unsure why it is so problematic for MCProHosting's support to handle when they gave only an hour estimate. We shall update you on any further details that come up!

Lt_S Thats okay ^-^ all servers go through this. :3
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