May's elections/elections

Gungren a posted May 7, 16

Hello everyone,

So I just wanted to say real quick that May's election is canceled. It is planned to be back June, we had to cancel it because we simply could not think of enough nominees. Nor did we particulary know who deserved it most, although we are confident you are all well behaved and awesome players. I personally want to thank the active players and the ones who have made sure we know they are here. I will be done with my coursework by the 15th, so I will be active again shortly. Hope to see you all soon this summer!

- Gun

Sorry for the quiet!

Gungren a posted Apr 7, 16
Hey everyone, I just wanted to share real quick why the server has seemed so quiet. I, for one, have been VERY busy with my school. I want to do good, and I'm doing so. Also many of the staff are also busy with school, family reasons, and even jobs. I know the server can grow very boring in times like this, but please hang on with us! We want to make Veritas an active and fun community again, we are working on plans to do so when we can! Our current plan is to prepare soon to update to 1.9. We feel this will resolve a lot of technical bugs with our plugins, and with this we will roll out a brand new spawn. Also do not worry, we will contact you all about saving one of your builds into 1.9. Once that is all done, we plan on running adds again and bringing back minigames. Again, sorry for being so quiet, please be patient with us. Please comment any questions you have, also we'd be glad to know if you're still here with us waiting!

- Gun

DragonLover43 Hey I was wondering when nominations for rank-ups are started. I've been told by a few people that I'd be good...
Tatuson I will wait for you guys I have once before and I still will
DragonLover43 Hey don't worry about anything. Just take care of your life, and rejoin Veritas when you can, okay?

Rules have been updated

Chesterlots a posted Mar 18, 16

Simplified for ease of reading. See here.

I ask of you all not to try and be clever about the rules. If you think of something you want to say or do is on a gray line, ask a staff member first.

Veritas Texture Pack Teaser

Gungren a posted Feb 16, 16


Note: the smooth sandstone inside is still default texture.

SteoDaMonkeh Very nice! I like that you used the shop I built, even though it was probably the closest one to you lol
Avxry I like the simplicity
La Fabulous Rainbow RIP screen

Year End Election Results!

Gungren a posted Jan 2, 16

Hello everyone, so I counted the votes this morning. We had a lot of voters but here is my issue. A lot of it was voting for people who weren't nominated at all or for what they voted for them in. That was not counted, it does not work that way. Just telling you new guys so you know. Then only two people voted in every single category that was active this election. If you are going to vote, PLEASE vote for every single active category. This resulted in more than 12 voters only giving six votes in Head Admin. As well as there not being a second place, so I have to discuss that with Derek. One last time, PLEASE vote properly for who is nominated in their proper categories. Then also PLEASE vote for every single category or at least the very important ones. 

For VIP: Jewelseed!

Yes or No for Mod: Yes to Haley!

Head Admin: Lecodfishjoe!

admin: Amedea!

Aside from my issues and reminders for voting, congratulations to the winners! I hope you enjoy your new permissions Jewel. Lecodfishjoe, you have impressed me thoroughly lately, I am glad to see you become Head Admin. Just remember, if you need help or have a question, I and all the staff team are here to help if you need it. Haley, same to you, if you need help or have a question I and all the staff are here. Congratulations on entering the staff team! I hope you all use your ranks well! 

UPDATE: Derek and I have decided Amedea get's the second places spot! Congratulations!

- Gun

La Fabulous Rainbow GG everyone! Congrats to Haley and Jewel!
Avxry Gg all
Amedea GG Le! Twas a good fight
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